Personal Training with Zen Fitness

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Group training also available. Contact me for details.

Prices are for clients in the Derby area. Contact me for other areas

Initial consultation


Introduction to Zen Fitness. Details of services offered.
Initial planning and discussion of your goals versus current fitness level.

Individual personal training session


Exercise outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

For general fitness or strength development, sessions can include circuit training, cardio combat, abs workout, core stability and more. All necessary equipment will be provided.

For cardiovascular fitness I provide accompanied runs, all done at a speed appropriate to your fitness level and goals. These include pre-planned running routes, detailed session plans and accurate pacing.

Personal training course

£300 for 10 sessions

A course of ten personal training sessions.
We start by agreeing your personal fitness, health or performance goals. Then you get a full training plan to achieve these goals, with each training session tailored to your aims and current fitness level.

Individual Tai Chi lesson


Learn this ancient Chinese martial art with one-to-one tuition.
Train your mind, body and spirit to improve health, fitness, motivation and concentration. Also learn how to apply Tai Chi as an effective and practical self-defence system.

Tai Chi course

£300 for 10 lessons

A structured series of one-to-one lessons that take you through the basics of Tai Chi, covering meditation, self defence techniques and learning the first section of the Tai Chi form.